InnerSource Commons Fall 2020 Virtual Summit - North America

15th and 16th September 2020, online - register now!

Welcome to the 11th InnerSource Commons Summit! Thanks to the success of the ISC Online Spring Summit 2020, we are staying online for the Fall Summit.

We continue to explore new ways to get together and keep advancing in the body of knowledge of InnerSource. Nowadays, particularly in this industry, it is more important than ever to successfully work remotely and across different geographical areas. This online event has this in mind and we hope to learn from each other, what it is working and what it is not.

Summit News

We are delighted to announce that Tim O’Reilly (Founder, CEO, and Chairman of O’Reilly Media) has been confirmed as a keynote speaker for this summit.

Tim will join Danese Cooper (VP of Special Initiatives at NearForm), James McLeod (Director of Community at FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation), Martin Woodward (Director of Developer Relations at GitHub), and Silona Bonewald (Executive Director at IEEE SA Open) in the keynote sessions.

The Summit agenda is available here.

About the Event

The summit consists of two days, each a 3.5 hour slot: running from noon East Coast US / 9 am West Coast US / 6pm Europe / 5pm UK & Ireland / 9:30pm Mumbai / midnight Singapore & Bejing (4pm UTC).

We are a global community, but because our Fall Summit usually takes place in North America, it will take place slightly later than our Spring Summit (traditionally EU).

We are hoping to host an online summit later in the year to fit with the timezones of the growing number of Asian community participants.


Click here to register for the InnerSource Commons Fall 2020 Virtual Summit. Ticket price is $35, inclusive of all taxes. Ticket price also includes a T-shirt to celebrate the event, which we will be send out afterwards.

If, for any reason, you find the associated fee prohibits you from attending - please email us at, as we have a number of complementary tickets we can allocate.

Agenda and Speakers

The Summit agenda is available here.

Call For Presentations

Call For Presentations is live now! Deadline for proposals is 25th August 2020.

Call For Sponsorship

We invite interested organisations and companies to sponsor this renowned event. These summits provide a basis to encourage InnerSource practitioners to share their experiences and to collaborate with each other on improving InnerSource. You can find our sponsorship propsoal here. If interested in sponsoring this event, please contact our Sponsorship team for more details (

What is the InnerSource Commons?

The InnerSource Commons ( aka ISC is a consortium of representatives from almost a hundred companies and institutions. It utilizes open source methods to provide organizations pursuing inner sourcing a forum for discussing and improving the practice of InnerSource through the sharing of experiences (under the Chatham House Rule), creation and review of InnerSource patterns, and the open exchange of ideas.

Who should attend?

The InnerSource Common Summits welcomes software professionals at all levels, from executive level manager to software developer. The program targets software development managers and executive managers in particular because adopting InnerSource requires significant efforts to make changes in the organization—whether these are implemented top-down or bottom-up. If you or your organization is adopting, or considering adopting, InnerSource, then attending the InnerSource Summit is the best thing you can do.

What will I get from this event?

The three key reasons to attend the InnerSource Common Summits are:

  • Learn from others who are on the journey of InnerSource adoption
  • Share your experiences and get help with your challenges
  • Network, network, network! The InnerSource Commons is an excellent place to network with likeminded people, all of whom are passionate about making InnerSource a success in their respective organizations!

Keynote Speaker Bios

Silona Bonewald photo

Silona Bonewald

Silona Bonewald is the Executive Director of IEEE SA Open. Previously, Silona served as Vice President of Community Architecture at Hyperledger, a global open source collaborative effort hosted by The Linux Foundation, where she integrated leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things (IoT), supply chains, and manufacturing. Other notable career accomplishments include, while with PayPal, pioneering the InnerSource process; for Siemens AG, creating a cutting-edge and Six Sigma-compliant e-commerce website; and for Ubisoft, creating an international content management system (CMS) architecture.

Danese Cooper photo

Danese Cooper

Danese Cooper is the Chairperson of InnerSource Commons and Vice President of Special Initiatives at NearForm, an Irish tech firm. Previously, she was Head of Open Source software at PayPal, CTO of Wikipedia, Chief Open Source Evangelist for Sun, and Senior Director of Open Source Strategies for Intel. Danese was also the inaugural chairperson of the Node.js Foundation. She concentrates on creating healthy open source communities and has served on the boards of Drupal Association, the Open Source Initiative, the Open Source Hardware Association, and she’s advised Mozilla and the Apache Software Foundation. Danese also runs a successful open source consultancy that counts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the SETI Institute, Harris, and Numenta as clients. She’s been known to knit through meetings.

James McLeod photo

James McLeod

James is the Director of Community at FINOS and wholeheartedly believes the transformation of Financial Services can only be fulfilled if Open Source is embraced under the three pillars of Contribution, Consumption and Community. James has a twenty year career in software engineering having worked for telecommunication startups, the gaming industry, digital streaming platforms and financial services. Prior to joining FINOS James worked at Lloyds Banking Group where he focused on building engineering communities for Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows and other LBG banks. While at Lloyds Banking Group, James also drove the adoption of Inner Source and Open Source partly through the creation of engineering guilds providing in-person and remote educational sessions and large hackathon events. James also spent a number of years consulting on software engineering projects for RBS, NatWest and Barclays.

Tim O'Reilly photo

Tim O’Reilly

Tim O’Reilly is the founder, CEO, and Chairman of O’Reilly Media, the company that has been providing the picks and shovels of learning to the Silicon Valley goldrush for the past thirty-five years. The company’s online learning and knowledge-on-demand platform at is used by thousands of enterprises and millions of individuals worldwide. O’Reilly has a history of convening conversations that reshape the computer industry. If you’ve heard the term “open source software”, “web 2.0”, “the Maker movement”,”government as a platform”, or “the WTF economy”, he’s had a hand in framing each of those big ideas. Tim is also a partner at early stage venture firm O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV), and on the boards of Code for America, PeerJ, Civis Analytics, and PopVox. He is the author of many technical books published by O’Reilly Media, and most recently WTF? What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us (Harper Business, 2017). He is working on a new book about why we need to rethink antitrust in the era of internet-scale platforms.

Martin Woodward photo

Martin Woodward

Martin Woodward is the Director of Developer Relations for GitHub. Before that Martin was Executive Director of the .NET Foundation helping drive Microsoft’s move towards open source and was a Principal Group Program Manager of the team building tooling and policy to help support InnerSource communities inside the company.


The summit is hosted online. Instructions will be provided to all speakers and attendees.

Code of Conduct

All participants, vendors, and guests at InnerSource Commons events are required to abide by the code of conduct.

All related conversations in the InnerSource Slack Channel will still be considered to fall under Chatham House Rules: information discussed can be shared but not attributed.

Interested in getting involved? Email or join the conversation on the #innersourcecommons slack channel!