Learning Path

The InnerSource Commons Learning Path community is focused on creating a set of resources explaining and teaching various aspects of InnerSource. This curated set of videos and articles cover patterns that have been adopted by many organisations and have been proven to lead to successful InnerSource practices. The video production was kindly sponsored by PayPal.

Many of our community use these resources within their organisations to increase awareness and build competencies around InnerSource.

We hope they help you on your journey to InnerSource!

The InnerSource Learning Path covers the following sections:


Learning Path Introduction Thumbnail

Check out the Introduction to learn about the types of problems where InnerSource can help, how to do it, the types of benefits you can expect to see by participating, and the underlying principles that make it all work.

View in English, Deutsch (German), 日本語 (Japanese), 中文 (Chinese), Italiano (Italian), русский язык (Russian)], or Español (Spanish).

Trusted Committer

Learning Path Trusted Committer Thumbnail

Visit this section to get an introduction to the crucial role of Trusted Committer, essential for a strong InnerSource implementation in any company. Learn about what it takes to fill the role and what the path towards being a Trusted Committer looks like.

View in English, Deutsch (German), 中文 (Chinese), or 日本語 (Japanese)


Learning Path Contributor Thumbnail

The Contributor section covers what it means to be an InnerSource Contributor, the aspects of behaviour that will make you a successful Contributor, contribution mechanics and the benefits of InnerSource for your team and organization.

View in English, 日本語 (Japanese), 中文 (Chinese), Italiano (Italian), or Deutsch (German)

Product Owner

Learning Path Product Owner Thumbnail

This section is for Product Owners or Program Managers and covers the basic InnerSource techniques that will save countless management and developer hours.

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The videos are becoming available on our YouTube channel: YouTubeChannel

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If you would like to get involved with the Learning Path work at InnerSource Commons, checkout the README.md of the Learning Path Repository or join our Slack channel via the signup link in the left bar of this website and ask to join the #learning-path Slack channel. Once there you’ll see the conversations we’re having about producing this content and can join the work.